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We have news that the new Flint River Ranch pet food prices will be going into effect on July 25th, so we’re encouraging everyone to take advantage of the current prices during the next two weeks.

We hope to have a listing of the new prices shortly, but we can say right now that it looks like the Duck & Oatmeal formula will see the largest price increase as industry demand for high-quality duck meat has jumped considerably this year.

In the good news department, we’ve been informed that Flint River Ranch has a new “No Grain” cat food formula in the works. The Flint River Ranch No-Grain Cat Food formula is expected to debut in early fall and will be based on free-range chicken as the primary protein source (which should assist in keeping the pricing as reasonable as possible) but without any common grains (rice, corn, wheat) that other products have.

Remember to get your Flint River Ranch orders in before July 25th to get the current pricing!

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