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Hi Everyone!

We’d like to share the latest news from Japan on Flint River Ranch donations. Our Japanese distributor Kitpups has been extremely diligent in assisting JEARS as much as it can and even coordinating help through the U.S. Embassy. The two photos below show some of the food that Flint River Ranch last donated and also the Kitpups truck.

The truck shows just how committed Kitpups is to the “natural” world of pet food. You can tell that they care about their business, and the message is reinforced in how clean and professional their truck is. We’ve all seen banged up, dirty vehicles going down the street. Image and cleanliness mean a lot to us and who we do business with and in how we try to conduct our business. We’ve always kept the cleanest facilities possible and we know it shows due to the minimal complaints we’ve had over the years regarding damage and dirt on our products.

We want to have the best natural and nutritionally “clean” formulas possible for your pets, and it’s equally important to us how we deliver the best possible natural pet food product to you.

We’ve been very impressed with Kitpups and their continual efforts to assist the animals impacted by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the resulting complications they caused. Kitpups has informed us that they basically have the whole family living with them now. At night they pretty much all sleep in the same room to save on electricity and keep cool.

There are still a lot of hardships going on in Japan, Alabama, Missouri, Georgia and elsewhere from the recent natural disasters. Please keep those who have suffered and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

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