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Pet Force Pet Stain and Odor Remover is an amazing pet urine and odor cleaning product that Flint River Ranch sold directly up until 2008.  We haven’t been able to stock it since then, but we have been hoping to find a new supplier in order to continue making it available to our customers.

Our question to you is this — are you still interested in Pet Force and its extremely effective dog and cat urine stain removal capabilities?  How likely would you be to purchase it online if we’re able to supply it at A+ Flint River Ranch?

Here’s a bit more information about Pet Force Pet Cleaner.  Pet Force is designed to remove particularly tricky odors and stains, especially from pet accidents. Pet Force provides superior stain removal for urine, vomit, feces, cat spraying and marking, food, grease, blood, grass, juice, wine, coffee laundry and other types of stain problems.

Pet Force works on all carpet types and also below the carpeting, getting into the padding and the sub-floor where the bacteria attack the waste that other products can’t reach. In this way, Pet Force ensures complete and total removal of unseen odor spots that your pet would otherwise still be able to detect. Pet Force also prevents mold from occurring.

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