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We have news that the new Flint River Ranch pet food prices will be going into effect on July 25th, so we’re encouraging everyone to take advantage of the current prices during the next two weeks.

We hope to have a listing of the new prices shortly, but we can say right now that it looks like the Duck & Oatmeal formula will see the largest price increase as industry demand for high-quality duck meat has jumped considerably this year.

In the good news department, we’ve been informed that Flint River Ranch has a new “No Grain” cat food formula in the works. The Flint River Ranch No-Grain Cat Food formula is expected to debut in early fall and will be based on free-range chicken as the primary protein source (which should assist in keeping the pricing as reasonable as possible) but without any common grains (rice, corn, wheat) that other products have.

Remember to get your Flint River Ranch orders in before July 25th to get the current pricing!

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Hi Everyone!

We’d like to share the latest news from Japan on Flint River Ranch donations. Our Japanese distributor Kitpups has been extremely diligent in assisting JEARS as much as it can and even coordinating help through the U.S. Embassy. The two photos below show some of the food that Flint River Ranch last donated and also the Kitpups truck.

The truck shows just how committed Kitpups is to the “natural” world of pet food. You can tell that they care about their business, and the message is reinforced in how clean and professional their truck is. We’ve all seen banged up, dirty vehicles going down the street. Image and cleanliness mean a lot to us and who we do business with and in how we try to conduct our business. We’ve always kept the cleanest facilities possible and we know it shows due to the minimal complaints we’ve had over the years regarding damage and dirt on our products.

We want to have the best natural and nutritionally “clean” formulas possible for your pets, and it’s equally important to us how we deliver the best possible natural pet food product to you.

We’ve been very impressed with Kitpups and their continual efforts to assist the animals impacted by the Japanese earthquake and tsunami and the resulting complications they caused. Kitpups has informed us that they basically have the whole family living with them now. At night they pretty much all sleep in the same room to save on electricity and keep cool.

There are still a lot of hardships going on in Japan, Alabama, Missouri, Georgia and elsewhere from the recent natural disasters. Please keep those who have suffered and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

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It’s the news none of us wants to hear. Back in April we read a news story from Bloomberg titled Fido’s Food Set to Take Bigger Bite of Budget that discussed how the cost of feeding our pets was expected to surge in the coming months, following the rise in our own food bills. Sure enough, pet food prices across the board have been rising recently, and we unfortunately need to report that a price increase is coming for Flint River Ranch pet foods as well.

Flint River Ranch has absorbed as many increases in shipping, fuel (yet again), supplies and higher ingredient prices this year as possible, but an adjustment in prices has become unavoidable due the rapid rise in many of these costs. Expect this increase to go into effect within the next 30 days.

We have always lowered costs where and when we’ve been able to do so, and this will be the first price increase for Flint River Ranch in well over a year. We realize that our customers are being hit with price increases everywhere in their lives, and we truly regret having to add yet another cost increase to our customers. We have always been and continue to be as expense streamlined as we possibly can be and have limited our expenses to the bare minimum. We have also done what we can to augment other increases and hold off on passing them along up to now. But another cost increase on production costs earlier in the year and then earlier this month we experienced yet another price increase on our ingredients. These last cost increases have forced us to adjust our product pricing.

We don’t have the official price adjustments or the exact date of the price increases, but as soon as we do have these details we’ll post them and update our site. We are continuing to work to make the increases as nominal as possible, and unlike many pet food manufacturers, we’re not going to reduce our bag sizes in order to make it appear as though our prices haven’t increased. We will also continue to be able to provide discounted pricing on all bulk orders, so if you’re able to do so or can organize with other local Flint River Ranch customers, you can take advantage of the savings on our 200lb and 520lb pet food orders.

Even with this price increase, Flint River Ranch products remain affordable in today’s pet food market. The nutritional density of all Flint River Ranch foods still means a cost savings against comparable pet food brands up to 25%, and our all-natural, human-grade ingredients and oven-baked richness will always be second to none in the pet food industry.

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At A+ Flint River Ranch we’re always working on ways to make it quicker and easier for you to order Flint River Ranch pet food, and as part of our ongoing efforts we’re excited to announce a new rebilling feature that enables you to rebill previously used credit and debit cards without needing the full card number and without us having to save or store your full credit card number on our server (only the last four digits are saved).

The new rebilling payment option will automatically display as a payment option any credit card or debit card that’s previously been used to place an order with us within the last ninety days. The new rebilling option offers two key advantages:

  • Makes the process of paying for repeat purchases much easier and quicker for you
  • At the same time, it ensures maximum security and protection of your sensitive credit card information

Only valid cards will be displayed as an option for payment, so if your card has been declined previously or if it has recently expired, the rebilling option won’t display for the card and you’ll need to select another payment option. Additionally, if the billing address associated with the card has changed you’ll also need to select a different payment option.

We’re very excited to make this option available to our customers, and we also want you to know that the protection of your sensitive credit/debit card information is very important to us. We want to reiterate that your full card number will never be stored on our server — only the last four digits of the credit/debit card will be saved for rebilling purposes.

We’re excited to hear what you think about this new payment option feature!

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Recently we’ve received several calls and e-mails from customers wanting to know about the potential impact of the earthquake and nuclear radiation in Japan upon our Flint River Ranch Bonita Flakes cat treats.  We want to assure all of our customers on this front.

At the time of the Japanese disaster, we still had a strong supply of Bonita Fish Flakes available for our orders.  Flint River Ranch also immediately secured, from another source, more Bonita Flakes that should last us for the rest of this year at the least.

These Bonita Flakes have already been processed into individual bags and the bags have been “nitrogen filled” to extend their shelf life.  This is just an additional step to ensure they will stay stable by limiting their exposure to oxygen.  So if you receive any Bonita Flake cat treat bags that appear puffed up, don’t fear — it’s just a little nitrogen in the bag to help maintain their freshness.

We are also seeking additional sources of Bonita for the future — we’re even looking into sources from Australia.

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We have the latest news from Flint River Ranch Headquarters regarding the recovery efforts in Japan and other areas:

Flint River Ranch has added more pallets of DOG and CAT formulas to the latest container going overseas. We will continue to help out and assist as we can with the recovery efforts there. Our Japanese distributors state that while efforts continue and food is still needed, it does seem that the urgency is slowing down a bit — at least it does not seem that rescue efforts are as urgent and hectic as they initially started. These folks are still working very hard and doing fantastic work in helping out a lot of animals; dogs, cats, birds and any other pets needing assistance. Wonderful folks all over, but the JEARS foundation is doing a large amount of the work.

I do appreciate the hundreds of replies of support for our small part in this vast effort ongoing in Japan (check out our earlier post on these efforts here). Unfortunately, we did get a single unpleasant note insinuating a lack of US efforts. Well, since we were asked so nicely, please know that we have been assisting many groups here in the US for many years. We don’t talk about it a lot because there are so many worthwhile groups out there and we can only assist a few. However, Flint River Ranch has been feeding hundreds of animals at an Atlanta-based adoption, no-kill shelter for over the past 2 years. We also help feed a cat-specific shelter in Northern Atlanta.

Additionally, whenever there is a need, we try our best to assist. We’re small and have nowhere near the resources of even the mid-level pet food producers, but we have always helped where we can. Twice now I have personally filled up my truck and taken it to Alabama for the tornado relief. I’m planning another trip up to North Georgia this week to provide food for the tornado relief there.

This company continues charity efforts here in the US and abroad. We wish we could do more as there are huge needs these days, but we continue to do what we can. Thank you for all that you are doing, too — we know very well that we’re not alone in our efforts!

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This Mother’s Day we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our pets’ moms (and dads) for your continued patronage and for making Flint River Ranch an integral part of your pet’s lives. As a way of saying thanks we’re providing our customers our BIGGEST savings ever via a Mother’s Day Sale on all Flint River Ranch dog and cat foods.

For a limited time both new and current A+ FRR customers will save on Flint River pet food purchases, with new customers receiving an automatic 10% discount and current customers receiving $10 off orders over $75 and $20 off orders over $150 – no coupon codes needed!

Thank you again, and please tell your friends and family about the Flint River Ranch Mother’s Day Sale — hurry, the automatic Flint River discount savings will end shortly.

Order Now!

Flint River Ranch

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This comes directly from Flint River Ranch Headquarters regarding the recovery efforts in Japan:

I know that we all have the Japanese people, this great tragedy and their ongoing crisis in our hearts and minds. I’m sure many of you have already helped out where you can to get assistance to Japan.

I wanted to share what one of our Japanese representatives is doing in their effort to help feed rescued pets from affected areas. As soon as they could, “Kit Pups” in Japan contributed over 100 bags of FRR Original Dog and Cat formulas from their stock to the JEARS volunteers.

The JEARS organization (Japan Emergency Animal Rescue and Support) is truly doing remarkable work. It’s incredible that good people are willingly going into potentially hazardous areas; filled with wreckage, filth and radiation, working hard to get every animal out of there. Truly, Angels do walk the earth. Kit Pups continues to offer support and product to the JEARS organization.

For our part, Flint River Ranch is donating extra pallets of Flint River Ranch pet food with Kit Pups’ next delivery. We shall continue to partner with Kit Pups to coordinate our current and future contributions to the Japanese recovery efforts. Let’s keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

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We’re excited to announce two new dog chew treats now available from A+ Flint River Ranch! Our new Flint River Ranch Bully Sticks and Flint River Ranch Deer Antlers are all natural, healthy dog chews that will help your dog exercise his natural urge to chew while keeping your home from being damaged or messing up your carpets.

The bully sticks come from free-range, grass-fed cattle and are completely chemical-free. Dogs absolutely love the bully sticks, and the chewing actions will help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and his gums strong and healthy.

The deer antler dog chews are a non-fat, no odor, no mess treat straight from Mother Nature! The naturally shed antlers of deer, elk and caribou are gathered, power washed with water, and then cut and trimmed to eliminate sharp edges.

You will love keeping your dogs happy and occupied with the new Flint River Ranch dog chews — give them a try today! These two products ship via FedEx Ground or FedEx Smartpost through the U.S. Postal Service and may take several days longer to arrive than our Flint River Ranch dog foods and treats that ship via UPS.

Let us know what your dogs think of the new dog chews — we can’t wait to hear from you!

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With the massive blizzard that has hit a large portion of the country, from Texas to Maine and so many states in between, there will be some delays on getting Flint River Ranch orders shipped out and delivered to our customers.

Flint River Ranch currently has three distribution centers — Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and Fort Worth, Texas — that are unable to ship orders today due to being snowed out of their facilities, and distribution facilities in Columbus, Ohio and Keene, New Hampshire may be unable to ship today as well. We hope to have all distribution centers able to catch up with shipping by Friday.

In terms of Flint Rive Ranch pet food deliveries, UPS has posted notice of several states that are affected by this storm, preventing UPS from being able to make pickups, deliveries or provide store service. Customers can check the main UPS website to find out if your zip code is directly affected.

Customers can log in to www.ups.com, choose “United States” as the country, and then scroll down to find out about weather delays and issues that apply to specific states and zip codes. The main link for the weather notices page is at http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/about/news/service_updates/20110201_weather.html.

Customers can also check their e-mail invoices or log in to their A+ Flint River Ranch account for UPS tracking numbers for shipments. Clicking on the tracking number link will take you to a UPS page that provides the most up to date shipping and delivery information.

We are still open and can be reached both online and via phone and will continue to ship and process orders as we receive them.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued business with A+ Flint River Ranch!

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