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Confused by the multitude of dog food and cat food recalls in 2012?  With the manufacturer of Diamond Naturals and Diamond Dog Foods and Cat Foods, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Premium Edge, Taste of the Wild and other brands making an initial recall on April 6th due to potential Salmonella contamination, only to be followed by nine separate expansions of the original recall (to date), it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of pet food recall news.

We’ve researched and culled through hundreds of articles associated with the most recent recalls and have summarized the findings in a new Pet Food Recalls page on our site:

2012 Diamond Dog Food Recall Due to Salmonella

Here’s a bit of background on the recalls:

To date, at least sixteen humans and innumerable dogs and cats have become sick or have died in 2012 (no human deaths reported) after eating and/or handling Diamond Pet Foods products or foods produced at Diamond plants, including at least one infant.

On May 29th the U.S. FDA reported that samples from two Diamond Pet Foods plants reported positive for Salmonella contamination, with Salmonella Liverpool identified at the plant in Meta, Missouri, and Salmonella Infantis in Gaston, South Carolina. The FDA initiated a week-long investigation on April 12th, 2012 of Diamond’s facility in South Carolina and found numerous violations, including notifying the company that its screening process for possible contaminants wasn’t thorough enough.

The recalled dog food products were sold or distributed in over thirty states and two countries, including Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Recalled dog food brands include:

Diamond Naturals
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
Natural Balance
Solid Gold
Kirkland Signature


2012 Diamond Dog Food Recall Due to Salmonella

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We’re all excited for the new year and continue to hope for a turnaround for the American economy, but unfortunately the new year will also bring a new round of price adjustments for Flint River Ranch.  The cost of high-quality, human-grade ingredients continues to skyrocket and it’s led to widespread increases in the cost of foods on our grocery store shelves and pet retail store shelves, with signs of more price increases to come for these food items and products.

Here at A+ Flint River Ranch and at Flint River Ranch headquarters we’ve done everything we can to streamline costs while never sacrificing the high quality of our foods or “downsizing” the size of our bags in order to deceive customers about increased costs.

We’ll have the full list of new prices up on our site shortly, but for now make sure to get your orders in before Monday in order to take advantage of the current pricing.

Here are more details about the price increases direct from the Flint River Ranch official release:

As this year draws to a close it is with regret that we must inform you that we have to raise our pricing on our products in the coming year. We have been hit hard this year with continued increases on the manufacture and production of our products. Flint River Ranch is not happy about these continued cost increases to our products, and we are in the process of finding a new facility to help us develop Flint River Ranch products at a more reasonable rate.

However, the industry as a whole continues to face an uphill battle in costs. There are no opportunities for long term volume contracts, and other countries (China & India specifically) continue to buy all available products for export to feed their people and to also make some of the products we see on the shelves in various stores. (No, FRR products are NOT made overseas.)

However, all the ingredients that we use are the same as those manufacturers use to make products for our families’ needs. So while it’s great to use human grade ingredients, the downfall is we’re just as susceptible to market increases as what we see going on in the grocery stores. Flint River Ranch tries to be conservative in passing on our costs, but after absorbing these increases for the past 2 months, we’ve had to make these adjustments.

We know that when you honestly compare FRR products and services to our competitors you will find that we are still very competitively priced. We have been asked to drop the bag size or limit the quality ingredients. This is something that we will never do. Our bag size stays the same and our quality will never be compromised.

All new pricing will be posted on Monday, January 2nd via our online shopping cart and through the various independent distributors’ sites. I thank you for your attention to this matter, and please know that it is our number one focus this coming year to continue to provide the best for your pets’ nutrition while we look for more reasonable production costs of our formulas.

We thank you for your support and wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.


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Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat Food Makes Its Debut!

Great news to share — the new Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat Food formula for adult cats and kittens is now available.  We currently only have the 9lb bags for sale, but the larger 20lb bags for 20lb, 40lb and 200lb orders should be available shortly.

This is our first cat food formula to contain absolutely no grains, and is a chicken and white fish formula that is also a low carbohydrate formula that will keep your beautiful cat fit and trim — plus cats absolutely love the taste!  The no-grain cat food formula provides your adult cat or kitten with optimal nutrition for sustained health, a strong immune system, proper muscle development and maintenance, healthy skin and a gleaming coat.

Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat FoodThe formula also includes added natural essential proteins, vitamin and minerals to help ensure your kittens grow up healthy, happy and strong, and offers the ideal balance of nutrition to help them maintain their good health into their adult and senior years.  The Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat Food formula:

  • Is highly concentrated and extremely digestible (less in also means less out!)
  • Is formulated to help your cat maintain a healthy, shiny coat with less shedding
  • Features Yucca Schidigera to help minimize litter box and breath odor
  • Includes Tomato Pomace and Chicory Root to aid in digestion
  • Includes Cranberries to help maintain your cat’s proper urinary tract pH levels

Flint River Ranch Original Cat Food Being Phased Out

The introduction of the Grain-Free cat food formula coincides with the phasing out of the original Flint River Ranch Cat & Kitten, Hairball and Cat Lite formulas. Supplies of these formulas are very limited, and the 20lb, 40lb and 200lb sizes of the Flint River Ranch Original Cat Food formula have already been sold out.

We apologize for the sudden nature of these products being discontinued — we expected to have stock available into the new year, but supplies have run out quicker than expected.   The 9lb size of the original formula and the Adult Cat Lite formula should be available into January, and the Cat Hairball Management formula should be available through the first quarter of 2012 based on current demand.


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This Thanksgiving holiday we’d like to take a moment to thank you for your continued patronage and for making Flint River Ranch an integral part of your pet’s lives. As a way of saying thanks we’re providing our customers savings via a Thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’ Sale on all Flint River Ranch dog and cat foods.

For a limited time both new and current A+ FRR customers will save on Flint River pet food purchases, with new customers receiving an automatic 10% discount and current customers receiving $10 off orders over $100 and $20 off orders over $200 – no coupon codes needed!

Thank you again, and please tell your friends and family about the Flint River Ranch Thanksgiving Sale — hurry, the automatic Flint River discount savings will end soon.

Order Now!

Flint River Ranch

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We’re introducing two exciting new combo gift packs for your pets just in time for the holidays!

For our canine companions, our new Santa Dragon & Bully Sticks Gift Pack for Dogs features a super cute plush toy as well as three of our popular 6″ Bully Sticks,

The Santa Dragon in the holiday doggie gift pack has got to be the cutest holiday toy we have seen at Flint River Ranch in a very long time! The Santa Dragon measures 14″ x 5″ x 13″ and is perfect for any size dog. It even features Chew Guard technology with reinforced seams to help prevent tears and rips from chewing.

Our Santa Dragon supplies are limited, so make sure to get your orders in early to make sure your dog gets the perfect gift this holiday season. The Santa Dragon gift packs make a great gift item for your friends’ dogs, too!

For our feline friends, our new Catnip Toys & Bonita Flakes Combo Pack for Cats features a bag of our best-selling Bonita Flakes treats to go along with a bottle of catnip oil spray and three catnip toys that your cats are sure to go crazy over.

The Flint River Ranch Cat Gift Pack includes:


  • 1 oz. Bag of Flint River Ranch Sundried Bonita Flakes — Your cats will be begging for more!
  • Shelby the Hemp Mouse — Already filled with lots of organic catnip
  • Shelby the Refillable Hemp Mouse — With a 1/2 oz package of loose catnip for stuffing
  • Billy Bob the Cork Ball — Spray him and watch kitty go!
  • Bottle of Catnip Oil Spray — For freshening up cat toys, cat beds or cat scratch posts

Our combo package for cats makes a great gift year-round, and it also makes a great holiday gift pack for your friends and family!

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New Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat and Kitten Food Ready to Make Its Debut!

Flint River Ranch
We’re excited to announce that the new Flint River Ranch Grain-Free Cat & Kitten Formula has been finalized and is going into production now, so expect to see this great new formula available on our website before the end of the year!

The Grain-Free Cat and Kitten Formula will be ideally formulated for cats of all life stages and will feature higher portions of protein (42% minimum!) compared to our existing Flint River Ranch cat food formulas, with proteins making up half of the first 6 ingredients.

The primary protein source remains human-grade chicken — given the higher cost of ingredients today, chicken remains the most cost-efficient high quality protein for us to use.  Plus it helps make for an easier transition from our existing cat food formulas.

The Flint River Ranch No-Grain Cat Food formula will also feature a good amount of cranberries to assist in keeping your cats urinary tract in good shape and to help minimize urinary infections.   We’ve formulated the new food to include a variety of additional aspects for enhancing your cat’s litter box environment as well.

New Packaging for Flint River Ranch Formulas!

Flint River Ranch
To go along with the introduction of the new Flint River Ranch Grain-Free cat food formula, you’ll soon notice new bag designs for both our cat foods and our dog foods.   The new designs are designed to prominently feature an iconic cat and dog that represent the strength, vitality and good health that Flint River Ranch formulas provide.

We’ll also be making minimal formula changes that you’ll note in the new bags that are being released.  These changes are to make sure our formulas adhere to several new “Safe Food and Labeling Acts” that have been passed by the government for not only human food products, but also pet foods.   These acts are signs of progress on government programs that Flint River Ranch has been encouraging and advocating for a long time, and Flint River Ranch supports these efforts and welcomes our industry’s participation.

These new acts and laws should work towards eliminating the many errors and discrepancies with other pet foods that have created confusion in the market, some due to lack of industry experience and some intentional when it comes to pet food labeling. Along with guidelines set forth by State Agriculture and Veterinary Departments and the FDA, much is being accomplished for pet food labeling integrity.

Several things most certainly won’t be changing when it comes to Flint River Ranch.  We’ll never compromise on quality and will continue offering our one-of-a-kind oven-baking process will continue to provide an easier-to-digest diet compared to extruded diets. We’ll also continue to go the extra step with our human-quality meat meals and grain mixes to bring benefits to the digestive system as well providing needed nutritional benefits.

We’ll also continue to use chelated minerals and vitamins for easy assimilation in your pet’s body, and our meat meals will continue to be manufactured from the finest quality meats and contain zero by-product meals.

Another aspect that won’t change with the new packaging is the weight of the foods we sell. Many pet food manufacturers continue to downsize the weight of the bags while keeping the same price or even raising their prices — the industry standard used to be 40 pound bags, then it went to 35, then to 32, and now we’re learning that some consider their new “largest” bag will be only 28 pounds of product! At Flint River Ranch, we’ll be continuing to offer our 10lb and 20lb bags, with reduced pricing available on 40lb, 200lb and 520lb orders.

Flint River Ranch will continue to provide gourmet, holistic pet foods at reasonable pricing delivered fresh to your home. Since our inception, Flint River Ranch has never had a challenge with our process or our formulas’ selected ingredients, from any regulatory agencies or the various pet food recalls. We are very proud of this fact. You will always feel good about what you feed your pets with Flint River Ranch products!

Thank you for being involved and for allowing Flint River Ranch to be a part of your pet’s life!  We take that responsibility very seriously!

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Flint River Ranch is celebrating its 18th birthday!  From Headquarters:

As I reflect on the significance of being in business for 18 years, I remember my first days back with Flint River Ranch; now over 16 years ago. Back then we only sold Cat, Original, Nugget and Senior/Lite.  We worked out of a small warehouse with cramped front offices and little storage. We did everything by hand, taking orders on PC’s that had maybe 250 Kilobytes of RAM and used dial-up modems. We dealt with lots of forms; received hundreds of faxes & mailed in orders, and handled most orders via live phone calls. Every order was handled by 6 different people. I remember being on the phones, taking orders and after completing the order, letting the customer know that they could expect the order in 7 to 14 business days since we were shipping from California and Pittsburgh.  It was quite different from how we conduct business today.

We have always strived to do those things that benefit customers and their family companions in conservative manner to keep your feeding costs down.  Today we have our second version of the website handling interface between you, our distributors and directly placing your orders. Most orders are now handled via the Internet; either through the Company website, a replicated distributor website or through the distributors personal website.   Our shipping time; by now using 14 logistical warehouses, has dropped to within 3 days on average for even more fresher products.  I think that we only “touch” 5% of the orders anymore. All the rest go through our system via electronic means. The focus of our Call Center is process development, checking on shipping, problem solving and informing new distributors and customers about the product line.  We always strive to provide the best service for our customers.

Jim and I miss the “human touch” we used to be able to give to each customer. We knew many of our customers by their voice and could recite their orders from memory before even looking up their accounts. We continue to encourage our CSR’s and distributors to provide the human element that everyone should expect from Flint River Ranch.  Flint River Ranch was built by personal relationships that our distributors would developed with their customers and we would personally support. We look to continue to build our relationship with you but in a different manner; I personally receive every email that comes to me. I continue to get in new testimonials and we post them on our Facebook and on the Company website.  None of these testimonies are fabricated; they all come from emails submitted to us.   I love that so many send in pictures of their pets also, please continue sharing your success with our formulas.  I will continue to look for more ways to reach out to everyone as personally as I can.

We still sell our Original Oven-baked Kibble and Nugget, as well as our Original Cat formulas. However, we’ve added Lamb many years ago, Trout and our Duck oven-baked, no-grain formulas followed successfully as well. We added Hairball and Lite Cat formulas years ago as well. We are looking at about 14 years of Dry Water being a unique and successful product all onto itself.  We continue to look into the future demands of our customers; No-Grain formulas continue to gain in popularity. Our No-Grain formulas are doing very well and we continue to get good reports on the health and vigor that these recipes provide your pets. We are working towards having our first No-Grain Cat formula soon; following in the experience we’ve gained from our Trout & Potato and Duck & Potato formulas.

Yes, we’ve grown, changed and expanded in our business over these past 18 years. We continue to be guided by our customers and distributors needs, and by Jim Flint. Jim continues to have the insight and knowledge to make Flint River Ranch viable and relevant in today’s market. Other companies have come and gone these past years, but Flint River Ranch continues to provide our customers with some of the finest pet food diets available on the market. Some of our formulas are now 18 years old and they are still relevant and in high demand. Original Oven-baked Kibble is still our number one formula; despite its age. Jim helped develop this formula over 18 years ago, and it’s still just as good as it was during its introduction. Sometimes you just get it right the first time.

Thank you for your continued patronage!  We’re looking forward to our next 18 years with you!

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Great news! Our Pet Force Pet Stain Remover and Cleaner is back by popular request! We have a new Pet Force combo package available that’s sure to get out your toughest pet stains.

The Combo Package features a 32 oz spray bottle of pre-mixed Pet Force as well as a 16 oz concentrated bottle of Pet Force for refills. Pet Force concentrate can be mixed with up to 8 parts water, so it is a great value too!

Please note that the Pet Force Combo Packages ship via FedEx Smartpost and are delivered by the United States Postal Service, and they may take up to 10 days to arrive.

Order The Pet Force Cleaner Combo Package Today!


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We’re excited to announce two new dog chew treats now available from A+ Flint River Ranch! Our new Flint River Ranch Toobles Dog Chews and Flint River Ranch Braided Pizzle Sticks join our existing lineup of Bully Sticks and Deer Antler chew treats for dogs.

Our “Toobles” and braided pizzle sticks are all natural, healthy dog chews that will help your dog exercise his natural urge to chew while keeping your home from being damaged or messing up your carpets.

The braided pizzle sticks come from free-range, grass-fed cattle and are completely chemical-free. Dogs absolutely love the pizzles, and the chewing actions will help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and his gums strong and healthy.

The “Toobles” dog chews are a low-fat, high-protein, no mess treat straight from Mother Nature!
These USDA-inspected trachea chews for dogs are slow roasted to perfection and are made right here in the USA without the use of any chemicals and are extensively tested for safety!

You will love keeping your dogs happy and occupied with the new Flint River Ranch dog chews — give them a try today! These two products ship via FedEx SmartPost and are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, so they may take several days longer to arrive than our Flint River Ranch dog foods and treats that ship via UPS.

Let us know what your dogs think of the new doggie chew treats — we can’t wait to hear from you!

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We’re excited to announce several important new features in the ‘My Account’ section of our website that will make it quicker and easier than ever to order Flint River Ranch products as well as retrieve all of the important order information you need in the shortest possible time.

To this end, we’ve redesigned the ‘My Account’ part of our site so that when you log in you’ll be able to view from the main page all the key order details from your most recent orders. The main account page now displays the products and quantities purchased for previous orders as well as the tracking numbers for recent orders and the scheduled dates of delivery (when available). Clicking on the tracking number links from the main account page will provide instant real-time details on the status of your orders.

We’ve also added a new ‘Quick Reorder’ button on the main account page that makes it easy to quickly reorder the same items from a previous order. Clicking on one of the quick reorder buttons will add the same items and quantities from a previous order to your shopping cart and take you directly to the checkout page, where you can select your payment method and check out or continue shopping for additional products if desired.

When combined with our new ‘Rebilling’ payment feature, which allows you to select a previously used credit or debit card as your payment method without needing to re-enter the full card number, you can now complete a new order from A+ Flint River Ranch in as few as four clicks — My Account > Quick Reorder > Rebill > Confirm Order!

It’s important to us that you have an enjoyable shopping experience at A+ Flint River Ranch — one that doesn’t slow you down or leave you confused when it comes to needing to quickly retrieve key order details. We’re excited to be able to add these new features that streamline the ordering process and retrieval of important order information — features that your won’t find on any other Flint River Ranch site, including the Flint River Ranch official site.

Let us now what you think of the new My Account features, the Quick Reorder functionality and the Rebilling payment option — we always love to hear from our customers!

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