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With the massive blizzard that has hit a large portion of the country, from Texas to Maine and so many states in between, there will be some delays on getting Flint River Ranch orders shipped out and delivered to our customers.

Flint River Ranch currently has three distribution centers — Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; and Fort Worth, Texas — that are unable to ship orders today due to being snowed out of their facilities, and distribution facilities in Columbus, Ohio and Keene, New Hampshire may be unable to ship today as well. We hope to have all distribution centers able to catch up with shipping by Friday.

In terms of Flint Rive Ranch pet food deliveries, UPS has posted notice of several states that are affected by this storm, preventing UPS from being able to make pickups, deliveries or provide store service. Customers can check the main UPS website to find out if your zip code is directly affected.

Customers can log in to www.ups.com, choose “United States” as the country, and then scroll down to find out about weather delays and issues that apply to specific states and zip codes. The main link for the weather notices page is at http://www.ups.com/content/us/en/about/news/service_updates/20110201_weather.html.

Customers can also check their e-mail invoices or log in to their A+ Flint River Ranch account for UPS tracking numbers for shipments. Clicking on the tracking number link will take you to a UPS page that provides the most up to date shipping and delivery information.

We are still open and can be reached both online and via phone and will continue to ship and process orders as we receive them.

Thank you for your understanding and for your continued business with A+ Flint River Ranch!

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