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It’s the news none of us wants to hear. Back in April we read a news story from Bloomberg titled Fido’s Food Set to Take Bigger Bite of Budget that discussed how the cost of feeding our pets was expected to surge in the coming months, following the rise in our own food bills. Sure enough, pet food prices across the board have been rising recently, and we unfortunately need to report that a price increase is coming for Flint River Ranch pet foods as well.

Flint River Ranch has absorbed as many increases in shipping, fuel (yet again), supplies and higher ingredient prices this year as possible, but an adjustment in prices has become unavoidable due the rapid rise in many of these costs. Expect this increase to go into effect within the next 30 days.

We have always lowered costs where and when we’ve been able to do so, and this will be the first price increase for Flint River Ranch in well over a year. We realize that our customers are being hit with price increases everywhere in their lives, and we truly regret having to add yet another cost increase to our customers. We have always been and continue to be as expense streamlined as we possibly can be and have limited our expenses to the bare minimum. We have also done what we can to augment other increases and hold off on passing them along up to now. But another cost increase on production costs earlier in the year and then earlier this month we experienced yet another price increase on our ingredients. These last cost increases have forced us to adjust our product pricing.

We don’t have the official price adjustments or the exact date of the price increases, but as soon as we do have these details we’ll post them and update our site. We are continuing to work to make the increases as nominal as possible, and unlike many pet food manufacturers, we’re not going to reduce our bag sizes in order to make it appear as though our prices haven’t increased. We will also continue to be able to provide discounted pricing on all bulk orders, so if you’re able to do so or can organize with other local Flint River Ranch customers, you can take advantage of the savings on our 200lb and 520lb pet food orders.

Even with this price increase, Flint River Ranch products remain affordable in today’s pet food market. The nutritional density of all Flint River Ranch foods still means a cost savings against comparable pet food brands up to 25%, and our all-natural, human-grade ingredients and oven-baked richness will always be second to none in the pet food industry.

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