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If you’ve been wondering if Flint River Ranch’s new Signature Brand Duck and Potato Dog Food formula will ever arrive, we have good news.  We’re still at least a couple months away from its debut, but everything is moving forward on the newest addition to the Flint River Ranch line-up.  Here’s the latest we have on the new duck and potato formula from Flint River Ranch Headquarters:

We have started our palatability and feeding studies on the “Duck and Potato” formula!  We expect that we’ll have the results and make any adjustments to this formula within the next two months.  Once these studies are complete and the final labels printed, we will add this formula to our lineup for purchase.

As of yet, we don’t have the specifics worked out for this formula but it will be an excellent formula.  It will be one of the most nutritious formulas we’ve produced and will include some ingredients we haven’t previously used.  We’ll be listing the final ingredients as soon as the formula is fixed for all to study.

How excited are you about the new formula?  Will you be looking to try it out right away or taking a wait-and-see approach instead?

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